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Default BsPlayer the best player??

Hello there,

I've read a lot about BSPlayer, and a lot of people think that it's the best player. I think that al this is BULLSHIT, sorry but that's what I think!!! I've been using Micro DVD Player for years now, and that's the very best player for viewing DivX esspecially with subtitles.

I mean, just have a look at the bug reports. I've tried BSPlayer, because Micro DVD Plaer doesn't display ogm files withs two audio tracks. But I found bugs in every version of this player. The newest version doesn't work at all. It only works if you're watching a DivX with no specials. I mean have you tried to write a bsi file to load a multilanguage DivX automatically with subtitles??? It doesn't work!! The player isn't capable op changing the resolution at startup (if using a bsi file.)
Micro DVD Player does all this correctly but sucks when it comes to the new!! multilanguage ogm files.

I think this player is a cheap copy of Micro DVD Player which doesn't work at all...

Nevertheless it has some interesting and promising features, which do, unfortunately not work until now. So give me some arguments that make this player the best !!??
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