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Since I have experienced the same �loss of subtitle position problem’ as some of you appear to have I tried some things to circumvent this problem. Unsuccessful I might ad but I found a few things to narrow down the problem, first it only seems to appear with negative subtitle position numbers. (These are especially handy when you watch widescreen movies and want to keep the subtitles underneath the actual picture). In a 4:3 movie the subtitles have to appear in the video (position >= 0) and then there’s no problem. I can put them easily I the right position using shift-up/down keys and they stay there right where they’re suppose to be. However when the position is less then zero this setting is lost when the movie is restarted. Setting the �remember movie settings’ option makes no difference. When the position is above zero then these settings are remember. Bsplayer does not seem to permit me to put the subs above the movie. The autosetting for subtitles is remember and in a widescreen movie the position is below zero. But it’s either too far down (which makes it partially outside the screen on tv’s) or a line is half in and half below the movie which is annoying to watch. Using a ini does not help me since the SubPos options is specified like this: �SubPos is subtitle position, if it's <=0 or not defined then subtitles will be positioned automatically’. This is might be a related problem/feature. There’s probably a pragmatic reason for this limitation but I would greatly appreciate it if this would be done differently in future releases. I use RC1 build 803 with the ffdshow filter, without any vobsub program. The previous release I used (0.86.499) did not have this problem but is missing some nice features, so going back is not a good option. The rest of the (new) program work very well for me, thanks for that. Now that’s said there’s always the possibility that I overlooked something so if anybody has a solution or usable workaround it would be greatly appreciated.
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