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Default Pixelate (mosaic) effect on all videos

Well I quit, I tryed changing windows resolution, bsplayer modes (RGB, Overlays, etc..) and ALL VIDEOS will get an annoying pixelate (mosaic like) effect, even if they play on a lower resolution then the source (600x400+ videos). Also tryed changing divx/ffdshow postprocessing options to no avail

Sometimes I open the video and it´s perfect and smooth and I can zoom in and out and it's perfect, then from out of nowhere it turns back pixelated, something like 3x3 pixels.

Tryed reinstalling Bsplay ... nothing
Tryed reinstalling codecs ... nothing

WMP shows all the same videos perfectly.

BTW it's XP sp1 with GeForce2, not that it really matters.

BTW another bug report: sometimes if you set the video screen to always on top and hit "Open", the "open" dialog will appear BEHIND the video and there is nothing you can do to close it or move it so you have to kill BSPlay process since it will be hanged until you actually close that.
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