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I'm running v0.85.490 and vobsub v2.18 on XP pro SP1.
I'm facing this problem too. But it's half solved know.
In my bsi file I've written:


Now, I can use the [S] shortcut to enable/disable subtitles, but I can't use the shorcut I've setup to cycle through subtitles. (While it works without bsi file !)

A right-click on the movie let me select an other language from the [subtitles][language] submenu. This menu should list the N=6 languages indexed in the idx file, in fact I get 2N+1, that is 13 languages. The first one is blank, it comes from the bsi file, and the idx subtitles list appear twice. More over, 3 languages are checked in this menu, and not necessary the activated one.
If you asked for DVobSub properties from the same right-click menu, DVobSub would let you select from the true list of languages embedded in your idx+sub files.

Still investigating...
Nota1: It worked too with "Sub1=English|Film.idx" but this idx file contains the subtitles for 6 languages, not only English.
Nota2: With DefaultSub=4 I would get Arabic subtitles (index 3 language of my idx file).
Nota3: If you comment out Sub1 and DefaultSub names, then BSPlayer doesn't load subtitles. Even if you load them afterwards with DVobSub located in the tray bar, subtitles are displayed but BSPlayer is not aware of this. It's subtitle languages list is empty!
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