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Default oufta

1- it's light. no other player can be said to be this fluid. all players hog cpu whenever you do a command. this one, nope. and by the way, to all creators, KEEP IT LIKE THIS!!! =)

2- i never heard of that player you speak about

3- i hear about VLC all the time. i seen ugly, but vlc beats em all.

4- I woke up this morning

5- true that bs player isn't always perfect. but unlike most jerkwads in society, i'll stick to something, even tho it has imperfection. i'll not try to screw the neighboor's girlfriend because she has bigger tits that mine. if my girl has smaller tits and i dont like it, it was up to me to decline being with her in the first place. so this applies to software too. and by sticking to sumtin that has a good core, even tho it still needs fixin, and to evolve, if the core stays true, like it has up till now, then I say, it still makes it worth, being called best. And sticking to it

6- who cares about girl stories in a forum of BSPlayer

7- I hate 7

8- I can't find a nice "tutorial" or basics to start skinning for BS.

9- my coffee is getting cold.

10- dare I go on?

naw, actually, there are many players, and everybody needs the ultime player, BUT:

what I hate is not so much players, as the goddamned formats that come out every wednesday, by the dozen.

.ogg, ogm, geez, anyone seen the quality of that? it's AWFUL PUKE!!

so far, my favorite avi format is XviD. and MPG, well a vcd played on TV is NOT THAT HORRIBLE! as everyone says. tv is horrible. but it can't display better than vcd mpg so...

ok, i suppose i am starting with the flamethrowers coming at my buns on the double.

Point is: BSPLAYER!

thankx to anyone who can end my endless quest for skinner starter kit =)
mr grumpy gills
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