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Originally Posted by BSPeter
Sofar I've never seen any subtitlefile with 4 lines.
Probably because BSPlayer doesn't support them, perhaps? :P

In any case, I have indeed recently seen a movie with 4 lines of subs.
It occurred a few times throughout the movie. I was eagerly testing
my newly downloaded video player called "BSPlayer", and I must
commend you, for I was very much impressed by its capabilites,
except for one thing: I wasn't able to fully read and comprehend
all subtitles with BSPlayer's subtitle engine, because it just cut
off the last line! Needless to say, I was very confused and
bewildered. Then I decided to see what ffdshow's plugin
engine would do, and voil?•! It worked perfectly!

Now, you may reply, "Yes, but that's the subber's fault, not ours!!"
- Of course it's their fault! But why should the person, who just
wants to enjoy the movie with his favorite player, get
punished by such a trivial thing? Just because it's
the subber's "fault"?

Sorry, to me it sounds like a bad excuse. Of course you're right,
in a manner! But is blaming others really enough? It's not
solving any problems and doesn't really help
anyone, does it?

Can't you be so sensible as to just overlook that little thing and
try to implement a very simple workaround, just to please the
people who want a good player? A player that can not only
display subtitles if they're made perfectly, but one that
may even be able to correct seemingly bad

Just saying that nobody needs more than 3 lines sounds a bit
prejudiced, if you ask me. If your player were able to display
more lines, would that really harm anyone, besides your
pride? If anything, it would make your program better!
Better than your competitors'! You'd be looked highly
upon for trying to make our world a better one!
But I digress...

That's all I'm going to say about this...
Now it's up to you to decide, whether
you think such an implementation
would be reasonable.

I just hope BSPlayer will become the
best player around. Nothing more...

Thank you for your patience.
Good bye.
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