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Default Old bookmarks and capature problem

hi all,

i have both version of bsplayer right now. the 0.86 build 501 & 1.0rc1 build 805. i have made some bookmarks before and i found that the new bsplayer doesn't seem to recognize the old 0.86 bookmarks. well, i know they all use the same bsplay.bkf file, but i can't load the bookmarks in the new bsplayer even i put the old bkf file to it's folder. i did some research and found out that the new bsplayer will need a "path name" to the file. like "c:\movie\aaa.mpg". but the old one only need a file name like "aaa.mpg"

how can i solve this problem? i mean i have A LOT OF bookmarks. i don't want to put a path name to every file in the bkf file to make the new bsplayer recognize these bookmarks. is there any easy way to solve this?

and there's also a small problem when i try to capture some frames. no matter using "P" or "shift+P" i always get a small pic(the original size, not what you see). is that normal? or i did something wrong?

thanks for your time. :)
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