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When using Dependency walker (freeware from MS SDK) I could see that MSVCP60.DLL appeared in the tree of BSPlayer.exe depencies. But even after having removed every msvcp*.dll out of my system, BSPlayer could play every movie even fully featured with BSI files, DFX winamp plugin, vobsub 2.23, chapters, divx5.11p, ogm, mkv, mpg, RM, RV9, RA8, everything works without those msvcp*.dll. I can't tell about XviD because I don't need it with DivX5 installed.
On my computer, BSPlayer.exe relies on kernel32.dll and user32.dll, bsrendv2.dll is not mentionned but should come from registry settings. How kernel32 and user32 relies on other DLL depends on what has been installed in your computer and what services are running.
Here, the dependency with msvcp was:
BSPlayer>user32>advapi32>secur32>netapi32>dnsapi>iphlpapi>mprapi>setupapi>shell32>oleacc>msvcp60 and 
I don't know what function loaded by your movie would need this DLL. I bet that an other player would give you the same behaviour. What ever the reason of your issue, it doesn't hurt to put the needed DLL in your system32 directory. A search with google would give you this one: Build 9064, for instance. 8)
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