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First of all, hello guys. My first post here :)

Now, my 2c worth:

MicroDVD is an excellent player. I used it for a year or more. I just dislike the way you load videos/titles. You always have to choose video, secondary audio file, subtitles, even if you never use seconday audio file, you have to click cancel.

BS is good, but somewhat misbehaving.

ZoomPlayer is also OK, too many options though.

Radligh used to be good while it was free. Simple but most important things worked.

And now.... IMHO the best player is Core Media Player. The "only" problem with it is that it is sooooo slow. It completely takes over the machine....

That's why after MicroDVD i started using Radlight. But now Radlight's becoming too simple for me, some options that I need are not available, and I'm examining the option on switching to BS or Zoom players.

I need a help from you guys. I'll choose a player which can do the following:

* specify from the command line which avi file to open, start in fullscreen, start playing video in 4:3 aspect ratio (i have 16:9 tv so it goes back to 16:9 automatically), quit at the nd of film, and all that from the command line.

I tried the following:

"d:\program files\webteh\bsplayer\bsplay.exe" "video.avi -fs -nsub -eend -ar=4:3"

This works OK, but the video doesn't start to play until Ipress X or click PLAY button... play automatically is ENABLED in configuration dialog.

Any clues?

Thanx a lot and cheers to all,

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