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Originally Posted by test
it doesn't work so much : the system hade to wait for the police before lauch vid?©o !
I'm not sure what the issue is here ? could you explain ?
I can't test it on my system, it seems I have a fonts managing utility that prevents me to install a font by just copying it to the windows\fonts directory :?

Originally Posted by test
Do you know how make a tempo under a bat files to wait for lauching the movie ?
there are two commands to do that:
timeout x and sleep x
where x is the number of seconds to wait. a major drawback is that you need timeout.exe and sleep.exe from the windows resource kit ! (which I don't)
otherwise there's the standard pause which prompts the user to press a key before the batch can continue...

And I also want to say that tou have a great picture : it's look like a mang (japan animation)
thanks ;)
it's from Rurouni Kenshin [the manga, I've not watched the anime yet] (Kenshin le Vagabond). This guy Enichi is anything but quiet... but I love the glasses 8)
[leaving for Japan in 9 days :) ]

P.S. le forum ?©tant en langue anglaise, je pr?©fÄ?re donner les r?©ponses en anglais. ceci dit si tu pr?©fÄ?res en fran?§ais je ferais l'effort de mettre les 2 ;)
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