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Originally Posted by Quietseb
Originally Posted by test
it doesn't work so much : the system hade to wait for the police before lauch vid?©o !
I'm not sure what the issue is here ? could you explain ?
I can't test it on my system, it seems I have a fonts managing utility that prevents me to install a font by just copying it to the windows\fonts directory :?
tested it on another system...
as you experienced, it seems a short delay is necessary before the system is aware of the new font's presence...

I finally found the windows 2003 resource kit as a free download from [at last, I've been looking for it for some time] (I didn't think it was free, windows 2000's didn't seem to be free). Since it's a 12MB download and needs to be installed (unless there is a way to extract files from a msi ?), you may want to download just sleep.exe; you can find it on msfn (also you'll find a link to a util that might help you hide that hideous command window when run from autorun)
copy sleep.exe either to %windir%\system32 or in the same folder as the init.cmd (granted you want to use a CD that works not only on your neatly setup system I suppose you would do the 2nd one)

I guess you figured that out, but you need a bsi to choose the font to be used for subtitles => my previous code wasn't exactly usable. just for my sake I'll put updated code below. I ran it from HD rather than from a CD with autoexec (I hate autoexec, sorry ;) ) but I don't see why it would be different on CD.
However it looks like the -eend command parameter has no effect when 1st argument is a bsi rather than a simple video file => added ExitAtEnd in the bsi

one more thing: the font deletion sometimes work, sometimes not (access denied :? ). so I added a delay after bsplayer closes too but it didn't change a thing... bah...

@echo off
echo please wait...
copy Friday13v12.ttf %windir%\fonts\Friday13v12.ttf /Y
rem 5 is probably more than needed ;)
sleep 5
"C:\media\bsplayer\bsplay.exe" test.bsi
del %windir%\fonts\Friday13v12.ttf



hope it's ok ;)
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