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can't remember whether Intervideo AC3 settings are supposed to work correctly at the moment (I fear not) [I use AC3 filter]

as for the ffdshow etc configs being still greyed out, they will be accessible only if the file you're playing uses the corresponding codec/filter.
I just played a rm file (=>real alternative) => ffdshow configs were still greyed out. If I play xvid or whatever that requires ffdshow, ffdshow config is available... etc: the available config is that of a currently used filter.
I don't know why it's like that.

btw adicoto, these settings are bsplayer specific, meaning you can have one set of settings for ffdshow when used by bsplayer (thru preferences->video->ffdshow) and one set of settings for ffdshow for every other app (thru ffdshow's own config window [options->filters->ffdshow]). How is that 'legacy' ?
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