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Thanks for your reply

Originally Posted by adicoto
Sorry, but I don't use ffdshow.As I have specified many times.
Well I said ffdshow here cause that's what I use and I didn't bother installing divx 3/4/5 to check whether it was the same for them (I just assumed it was) ;)
Since then I tested it: installed divx3 and played a div3 with bsplayer (and set ffdshow so it wouldn't take over the div3 decoder): divx3.11 properties available [I suppose your div3 was decoded by something else: when divx4/5 is installed everything is greyed out for me too]

Originally Posted by adicoto
If you have them you don't need options->filters and vice-versa. Probably BST intends to do something with those menus
to me these settings are not equivalent:
- settings in preferences->video are for bsplayer only (they're stored in bsplayer.xml file)
- settings in options->filters are system-wide (since it uses the filters' own config dialog and these settings are stored independently from bsplayer).
Seems to me this is the intent ;)

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