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Default Jump forward/backward key reversed ?

I am quite frustrated to find that default key for jump forward/backward by 15 second using the < and > seems to be reversed.
Normally you think that a playback is ">" pointing right, so a fast forward is ">>" (more to the right) but you do this by the "<" key

Also the sense of F5/F6 to go faster is also placed reversed.
(includes ctrl- F5/f6 or alt F5/F6)

I wonder if there is a key to cancel all playback speed variation ?

The key definition page is also very frustrated that it is not in any particular order (not ordered by name nor grouped by similar control)

The arrangement on the key definition screen is also very frustrated with the tab telling window mode/full screen mode, as the buttom part doesn;t change, mis-leading the user to over-see that there are actually two entire set of controls. IMO, is there really a need to have two entire control set ? like a "go faster" is a "go faster" why do we need to split it to two diff key for windowed/full screen ??? And some function is only meaning full in either mode, listing there leads to more frustration.
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