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No matter who tell you othervise, 5+1 audio is far from being well supported and getting is to work as it should is, ehm, tricky :oops:

Assuming you have 5.1 card - from SB Live 5.1 to Audigy to Audigy 2 zs i got the experience - it's all except the Audigy 2 ZS (much better!) the same sound, however you FIRST need a DECODER for 5.1 AC3/DTS sound!

AC3 filter mostly do the job well, or you can install WinDVD and use the audio decoder from it - even better normalize, cool, from v5.1 - but you MUST select this in prefs AND you also have to select DirectSound : SBAudigy2zs device, or what you card is.
In case you do something wrong, you hear f*cked-up sound, center quiet, wrong channels, etc.
It's weird, but the selection of the output matters very much :roll:

And even you manage all this out, DON'T pause your movie! If you are lucky, unpause and play well still, but if not, you can get at 100% volume strange noise from ALL your speakers and such stuff... Including swapping speakers and so on...
Happens with AC filter, happens with WinDVD audio filters... :roll: :oops:
Sometimes not with the first pause, but with later ones for sure :?
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