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I feel I need to add my two cents on this...
I completely agree with J44xm: the download process is way too complicated and long to be justified by what bsPlayer is worth...

Don't get me wrong, I've been the biggest fan of bsPlayer since version 0.86 and maybe even earlier! But I really feel it's inappropriate for a FREEWARE (at least for non commercial usage) video player to require a complete registration process...

In fact, I challenge you to find another free video player that FORCES you to register (Come on, even quicktime and Real player don't force you to!!!) !!

I know it's a decision made by bst, and I'm sure he had valid reasoning to justify the whole registration process, but I truly feel it's OVERKILL!!!

A valid reason to require a registration would be if you're offering a shareware/trial software and you want to limit access so it's not as easy for people to download the soft and find a keygen/crack for it. Or it might also be valid if you want to collect information on your customers: their country, their preferences and any other commercially valuable information...

In the case of a free software, there's no point! In fact, registration might have an inverse effect: scaring people away (as someone pointed out earlier in the thread)!

Anyway, that's my opinion...
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