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I will definitely support this.

This shouldn't be just a feature request; it should be a required feature.

The goal of programming in Windows XP (as well as the goal of Unicode) is to have all programs to have full international support, breaking the codeset barriers.

Most, if not all, new programs have unicode built in.

BSplayer should too; it is extremely annoying that if there is even one character in a foreign language in the filename, it won't play in BSplayer (when English is set in the "Language for Non-Unicode Programs", as is required by some games), and requires the use of Windows Media Player.

Being a BSPlayer user for at least three years now (I think), it is very difficult to get used to the little amount of control that Windows Media Player gives you. However, Microsoft doesn't skimp on the small details like Unicode support.

Unicode is one of the greatest ideas ever invented to computer users, second only probably to the great BitTorrent.

It's a shame that BSplayer can't support it.

It may be a challenge though; the crew at WinAmp I remember had a tough time integrating Unicode into their player, eventually leading to the finding of the much superior foobar2000 music player :P

But please, devlelopers, just add this little detail and perfect BSplayer...
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