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Default Converting WMP playlists (.wpl) - how?

I am new to BSplayer and like the interface, options etc. But now I've got a problem... I used WMP before (which saves playlists in .wpl format) and there is no option to open those lists in BSplayer. Well, normally it wouldn't be a problem, as WMP can save it's playlists as m3u (which is supported by BSplayer and working fine). The problem is, a lot of my playlist is cut away during the export in WMP (yes, this is not a BSplayer bug, but one in WMP).

So, is there any other way to convert the .wpl-Playlists to any format BSplayer can read? How do I do it? Would be nice if someone could help, as I certainly won't create new playlists (~70 GB of video and music)...
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