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Thanks Rafke!
Well I actually get the application handle from MIRC, in fact 2 , but whenever I try to use either of them in SendMessage the compiler says

error C2664: 'SendMessageA' : cannot convert parameter 3 from 'struct HWND__ *' to 'unsigned int'

The function gets HWND mWnd, HWND aWnd as parameters and

SendMessage(bsp_hand,WM_COPYDATA,mWnd,(LPARAM)&cds );

... and with aWnd, gives me that error. I was looking for a way to maybe get the handle of that DLL but I don't know if DLL's even got handles, I'm not used to those things yet. :/
All other SendMessage-calls without using WM_COPY don't seem to need any specific application handle, they're working. It's just that Filename-thingie...

That sampleplugin.c looks interesting, thanks for the hint!

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