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Default bsi files for multiple CD movies (HD and CD) (Long!)


Either I don't understand this "Play multiple CD movies with bsi files automatically" thing, or it simply doesn't work.

Originally I wanted to make a 2 CD movie with english and french subtitles. With a bsi files for every part of the film, I can play both seperately (and with selecting the subtitle language), but until now I didn't find a way to play them both consecutively without interaction (and all subtitles!).

At first I tried to play the two parts from hd. According to the ini file documentation and the faq, bsplayer should play the first bsi file it finds with a 'CD=2' line after playing the first part, if the files are located on hd. Well - this obviously doesn't happen in my case. After playing the first part the player simply stops.

I also tried to play the movie from two CDs (at least virtual CDs, as I don't want to waste my CDRs for such tests), but it is the same: when the first part is over, the player stops. No message, no request for the next CD. I followed every step as decribed in the faq, the bsi files have the same name and I have the same subtitles on every CD. No success...

BTW: I don't catch this anyway... When playing from CD the bsi files must have the same name on every CD, but when copying the files to hd, there have to be two different bsi files for every part. If I want to be able to play the movie both from CD *and* from hd (after storing them on hd), I have to save at least two bsi files on every CD (one with the same name for CD playback and one with a different name for hd playback). All assuming, that it works at all.

Beyond this I don't understand, why bsplayer (according to the docs) insists on the same subtitle and chapter files on every CD? Most splitted movies come with independent chapters and subtitles. Do I really have to join them together by hand to get one file I can write on both CDs?! If so, I would have to correct all timecodes in the second parts of the files. I really hope, this doesn't make sense to anyone, does it? :-)

To make a long story short: Last but not least it is not possible to play bsi files from the playlist :-?. This was my latest attempt to solve this problem but at this point I don't have any further ideas. I hope, some of you can help.

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