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Default AC3 S/PDIF sound to external AMP

Just to get this frustration of my chest, and hopefully help other people who run into the same problem:

I have an external amp (DTS, 5.1 speakers) hooked up via coaxial to an creative Audigy 2 card.

With 0.86, I always had perfect sound, if a file was AC3 it worked like a charm. (Intervideo AC3)
When I moved to the new version, I couldn't get it to work at all. Going into the menu, I tried to set the options the same as I had, but I just got a stereo signal. Trying to set AC3 decoding up through Intervideo AC3 has the following (bug/ odd behaviour?):
- When I select the Intervideo AC3 preference, all the radio buttons are unchecked. I can select the S/PDIF option, but it won't have any effect at all. When closing the player, and opening it again, all the radio buttons are again unchecked. I can't figure out any way to get this to work, it keeps forgetting it's settings, and even when switching with a running file, it doesn't seem to send the AC3 signal through the S/PDIF. Mind, I still do get the stereo signal, and the only hookup to the amp is through the coaxial cable.

The way I finally got it to work, was setting the AC3 decoder back to system default (I have AC3 fileter 0.70 installed), then play an AC3 file, go to the Options->Filters-> AC3 filter, and in the AC3Filter properties, select SPDIF as output, and save it there.

(Perhaps this was already obvious to a lot of people, but I have been browsing the forum for a couple of nights, and couldn't find the solution before, so hence the post.)
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