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Default Chapters (CHF), images (CBF) and DVD Stuff


I've just discovered a Divx Rip with an autolaunch and the work on the autolaunch is overwhelming. We have exactly the DVD menu, images, links, etc... Astonishing!!!!

That kind of menu is possible with MicroDVD because this player handles images and areas selection on them.

My suggestion is to add that to ini files. Let's take an example.

We have take a snapshot of the DVD menu image (in jpg i.e). On this image we have 3 words:

1) The movie
2) The subtitles
3) Quit

And now it's exactly the same as you do in html. You described what area of the image should be connected to the word "The movie", etc...


The fingers describe in pixel the area. When your mouse is over this area and you click on it, you'll be bring to the movie section. There the "movie" image will pop up and others area could be set here, one to launch the movie, another to come back on the first menu.

This is an example, just to let you know about the general idea.

Actually I make my autolaunches with the well-know CDA proggy. It is fine and people like it. But with such microDVD autolaunches possibilities, it will bring BSPlayer to the top and we could do amazing things. Of course Divx Rip will take much more time to be released because it's a real hard and long work to make such beautiful autolaunches but what a joy at the end.

To better understand what I'm talking to about microDVD ini files, have a look here:

and here is an example of an microDVD ini file:
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