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Old 31st August 2004
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Default settings in autorun cd

Hi guys. i did a search for this, but i could not find any help, so, if there is any, sorry for reposting...
My problem is as follows:
I make DVD's with 6 movies each, and i make a menu, that allows me to select the one i want to see... and, for a viewer, i use BSPlayer. but, i use it from the DVD itself, not hard drive, so, it's something like this:


etc. what it does, it allways loads BSPlayer from that folder, and, as i click button one, or two, etc, it adds the path to the movie, like this:

menu\bsplayer\bsplay.exe movie1\movie1.avi

And i have defined some settings in BSPlayer itself, that i want to appear every time i start a movie (skin, subtitle font and size, etc) but they don't...
What do i need to do? i also have bsplayer on my hard drive, and there it runs fine, and i copied the complete folder to the dvd... so... where are the settings saved, and how do i make them work in the dvd?

Hope i could explain myself, sorry but my english is not the best...

Thanks for your time, and for the help u will give me ;)
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