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Old 12th September 2004
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Default bug: unicode support + matroska handling

at the beginning I would like to say that I think that BSplayer is the best player (maybe except Windows Media Player... ^_^) in the whole, err... e-world , so keep up the good work!
Now comes the "but" part:
... but, recently when trying to watch one of my favourite anime movies (anime = subs needed) I noticed that I can't view subtitles(!) After a short investigation I came to conclusion that the reason of such behavior is that BSplayer can't properly handle UTF-8 encoded subtitles. O_O huh?
Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunatelly these subtitles were in mkv file... so I had to rip them off from mkv file, and then resave in Notepad as ANSI text. After that it worked without problem.
I also noticed that for some reason it's impossible to force BSplayer to play mkv files using standard Direct Show filters (mkv splitter, VSFilter - which CAN read UTF subtitles). Basically I think that making BSplayer do some things by itself, instead of using DS fiters, is a good option, but imho when You do that You should leave a way for people to turn it off.

So, basically I have two requests/bug reports:
1) make BSplayer able to read UTF-8 subtitles
2) make an option (series of options) in BSplayer, so it will be possible to handle playing files ONLY by Direct Show filters.

Some additional info:
Win XP Pro SP1 (can't install SP2... could it be that there is no Polish version yet? O_o)
mkv movie: DivX 5, ogg, english and polish subs

Garet Jax

P.S.: sorry for not using search button, but it's too late now to do such time absorbing thing... night... zzzzzz~~~
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