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Default The one thing I wanted in Bsplayer Pro isn't working!

I think I've tried every available option but so far no luck! As soon as I enable network buffering everything I try to play results in a crash of either reclock (if I have it enabled/installed) or bsplayer if reclock is not installed. The windows error signature is as follows:
Appname: bsplayer.exe
Appver: - I'm using 1.02(!)
ModName: bsrendv2.dll
Offset: 000047f4

I get these crashed regardless of if I play a file on hdd, cd or network! As I said, this is the only feature I want in the Pro version and It's not working!

On another note, the capture-thing isn't working either. I've gota WinTV Theater card that works fine witha lot of different software titles. I get to chose capture driver and audio renderer when I start it but then all I get is a crash:

Splayer v1.02.812, Unhandled exception at EIP: 004065B7
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
Access violation at address 004065B7 in module 'bsplayer.exe'. Read of address 00000004
, 0x00555DD7, 0x00555FD5, 0x00455F23, 0x0044D26E, 0x77D48709, 0x77D487EB, 0x77D4C00E, 0x77D4E366, 0x004BF541, 0x0044D26E, 0x77D48709, 0x77D487EB, 0x77D489A5, 0x77D4BCCC, 0x00455C38, 0x00557EC4, 0x7C816D4F

Bytes at EIP: FF 50 04 C3 90 83 C0 04 50 E8 5B AE FF FF C3 8B C0 83
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