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I actually ment to check not uncheck support generic mpeg..

You can try:

1) Play some different movies in BSplayer (for example also those mpeg one), and when playing, go to filters menu, then click advanced, and note somewhere what codecs are used to play each file. See if any codec is repeating for every movie that have that error. Also you can check some movies that are played normally, and see if they use other codecs then those played with super speed.
Remember that you can see (almost) every codec options from advanced tab, so maybe somewhere you will find something like "super speed" or something... (<-- very doubtfully). Sometimes changes in codec config might require movie restart! (close, open)

2) download latest GSpot (the beta version), you can use it to do movie previews when using different decoders configuration. There are buttons with "1" "2" ["3"] in two sections: "GSpot" and "MS".
When you press "1" and then "2" in "MS" section, you will see movie played using standard decoders config.
When you press "1" and then "2" in "GSpot" --> "vid" section you will be given some alternative decoders config (it will be written something like "use [3] to play"). What you do is you right-click on every config that have green row under it, and click "play this graph".
See if any of this configurations give you normal play, or all are messed up.
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