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Default Re: bsi files for multiple CD movies (HD and CD) (Long!)

Originally Posted by jeas
Either I don't understand this "Play multiple CD movies with bsi files automatically" thing, or it simply doesn't work.
Unfortunately it seems that playing multiple CD movies with bsi files automatically indeed does not work

Check out this thread which was still posted in the old forum.

Originally Posted by jeas
I also tried to play the movie from two CDs (at least virtual CDs, as I don't want to waste my CDRs for such tests), but it is the same: when the first part is over, the player stops. No message, no request for the next CD. I followed every step as decribed in the faq, the bsi files have the same name and I have the same subtitles on every CD. No success...
With me the player doesn't just stop; it displays the "please insert CD 2" message but then behaves differently depending on whether the INI file contains "RunHD=0" or "RunHD=2" Check out my post on the topic here. (I posted it about BSPlayer build 484 but it's still valid with build 488).

Originally Posted by jeas
BTW: I don't catch this anyway... When playing from CD the bsi files must have the same name on every CD, but when copying the files to hd, there have to be two different bsi files for every part. If I want to be able to play the movie both from CD *and* from hd (after storing them on hd), I have to save at least two bsi files on every CD (one with the same name for CD playback and one with a different name for hd playback).
Yes. It sucks, but it won't bother me very much once that multi-CD movies work fine FROM CD. I won't need them on HD anymore then! ;)

Originally Posted by jeas
Beyond this I don't understand, why bsplayer (according to the docs) insists on the same subtitle and chapter files on every CD? Most splitted movies come with independent chapters and subtitles. Do I really have to join them together by hand to get one file I can write on both CDs?! If so, I would have to correct all timecodes in the second parts of the files. I really hope, this doesn't make sense to anyone, does it? :-)
Well - you are right, it is unusual. Most other players work differently.
Nevertheless I would say that I prefer BSPLayer's way of handling subtitles because once you DID paste the subtitles together and re-synched them with your movie (which is a pain I know, but it only has to be done once) it's then very easy to split your movie wherever you want (for example if you recompress the movie to fit it on 1 CD instead of 2 using a newer DivX codec) since you can just use the same subtitle file again.

Here's a little tip on how to easily correct timecodes: what I do is that I open the subtitle file with Microsoft Excel (yes!), separate columns, add the correction time with a formula to the 2nd time column and finally make 1 column of the entire thing again using the command "concatenate".
It takes less than a minute to adjust timecodes that way!
Of course this only works if the subtitles are in a suitable format which is why I prefer MicroDVD "SUB" format:

I know this sounds very unclear - if people are interested, I can write a tutorial on how to do this.
Let me know, guys!

Well, to make an extremely long post short, I can only repeat one thing:

To Bst: Multi-CD movies are indeed still a major problem with BSPLayer - IMHO the worst bug left!

If there is any way we can help you Bst to fix this bug, let us know!
For example I could carry out some beta testing with various movies.
How about if you just made a "backbone" BSPlayer version without any of the advanced features just to test different solutions for this?

I can't program anything :( but if I can help with testing, I'll gladly do that.
Thank you so much!

Cheers, Smarties :P
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