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Default always on top & file open

first off, I LOVE the way you devel crew got bs player less buggy now, its really a nice vid player, and small enough to put on a disc with some vids

ok, heres how I found this bug, try to reproduce this:

my system is 1024x768 reolution,, Win XP

(note, I have found a way to get around this, by hitting CTRL + F4 , but alot of us arent that knowledgeable, hence this bug report)

== press the 'L' key to open a video , open file, center the vid window on the desktop , then toggle on the Always on top (CTRL + A)

When you opened that video, note the size of the 'common dialog' file open window. Make the current playing video window bigger than that and centered in the screen

ok, watch your video. wait till its done, or if youre eager to see, go ahead and open the common dialog (press 'L' key)

now... go to the taskbar ,click on BSPLAYER bar or maybe you got this report open in your browser, hit alt+tab to switch back , then go back to BSplay


ok, hit CTRL + F4 before panic.

also, I was trying to reproduce this annoyance a couple times, I got this message here below after I hit ctrl + f4 (this is while the open dialog is underneath the vid window, so it could be something else entirely, but I will include it here:

BSplayer v1.02.812, Unhandled exception at EIP: 0043AD55
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
Access violation at address 0043AD55 in module 'bsplayer.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFF0
, 0x00542673, 0x00542871, 0x004553C3, 0x0044C70E, 0x77D48709, 0x77D487EB, 0x77D4C00E, 0x77D4E366, 0x0052778A, 0x77D48709, 0x77D487EB, 0x77D489A5, 0x77D4BCCC, 0x004550D8, 0x00544240, 0x7C816D4F

Bytes at EIP: FF 51 F0 5E 5B C3 90 53 56 8B F2 8B D8 8B D6 8B C3 E8

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