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Default SPDIF / AC3 output �gets lost’ on pausing or fast-forwar

My problem is as follows… (and with me, probably, for many others)

When playing a movie (.avi) with AC3 / SPDIF output or pass-through enabled (either by means of ffdshow or AC3filter) 5.1 sound playback starts normally and will continue to work fine (except for some hick-ups every now and then, for which I also haven’t found a solution yet) until I start fast-forwarding/reversing or pause and play the movie. After that my SPDIF / AC3 output �gets lost’. Both my external AC3/Dolby Digital decoders (Creative Inspire 5.1 or Creative DDTS-100) seem to lose the AC3 signal because of these actions during playback (forwarding/reversing and pause/play). Both jump back to stereo-mode and don’t seem to detect an AC3 signal anymore.

It seems to me that my decoders indeed lose the AC3 signal, since during fast-forwarding/reversing or pause there is - of course - no sound output by BSPlayer. When returning from fast-forwarding/reversing or pause the movie will start playing but AC3 5.1 sound doesn’t return. When I actually STOP the movie and press PLAY again, there will be sound again!! So it seems that by some means the BSPlayer or an streaming filter must �initialize’ AC3 / SPDIF output before playback starts and that this �initialization’ is not done just after returning from a fast-forward/reverse or pause state.

The Windows Media Player and other players shows the same problem, but this player is not really build to support AC3 / SPDIF output from DivX/XVid files.

The only info I found so far on this on this forum was written by dabo, see:

Note that dabo tells us that it also happens under 2000 and 98, so it is non-OS-specific! Furthermore… He states that he went back to v0.85 of BSPlayer since this version did NOT have this problem… I have not yet been able to check this statement, but if it’s true then I will like to know what the difference between BSPlayer v0.85 and v1.02 is, with respect to the problem described above.

Is it possible to fix this problem in BSPlayer (use the old v0.84 method)? Or can someone give me (and dabo) any hints on solving this issue !??!

I hope there are people out there who can help! And people with the same problem that are willing to share their experiences/solutions.

- Windows XP SP2
- ASUS P4C800E-Deluxe, PIV 3.2 GHz, 1GB Ram
- ATI 9600 Pro
- BSPlayer 1.02 with either ffdshow or AC3Filter

Other possibly conflicting software/codecs:
- PowerDVD
- Pinnacle PCTV software installed
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