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Originally Posted by artam
The major hint is that if the Windows Media Player and other players show the same problem, that the main reason is probably in something really bad in your system and the players are only the final result.

What is your sound card? Are the sound drivers ok? Aren't there any notes or reports on the same problem somewhere in discussions relating to your soundcard or sound chip used?
Etc.... etc...
I recently discovered that when I select 'Cyberlink Audio Renderer' as 'Output Device' in de preferences of BSPlayer that the problem is partly solved. When using this output device fast-forwarding and reversing seems to perfom OK (though some stuttering just after releasing te forwarding en reversing buttons/keys)... Though pause/plat still remain a problem !!!! Sometimes a bit reversing/forwarding just after pause->play 'corrects' (reinitializes) AC3 output, but this seems not always be the case!!!

From these findings, I assume the problem has something to do with the Output Rendering Method! Therefore, I guess many more people might have this problem..

I guess the 'Cyberlink Audio Renderer' isn't part of windows or the sound device drivers, but a part of Cyberlinks PowerDVD player.

If not Cyberlink's renderer, I'm using the default sound drivers/device that came with my mainboard (Asus P4C800E-Deluxe) which is the standard SoundMAX on-board audio.

Maybe someone can tell me/direct me to 'better' SoundMAX driver that may not have this problem... Or a better 'generic' Wave Output renderer which might solve this problem..

I still wonder, though, if the 'media player' (read: BSPlayer, WMP, or any other player) should be responsible for 'reinitilizing' te SPDIF/AC3 output when it may assumed to be 'lost' by an external decoder.... So I guess an good media player (and BSPlayer is!!!) might improve upon adding this functionality! Even if this functionility should be provided by aan audio rendering device driver! Maybe a Checkbox such as 'Reinit AC3/SPDIF output on Pause/Resume...' or something like that should be available in the preferences of BSPlayer, so that users with 'crappy' audio renderers and an external decoder can still correctly use BSPlayer with AC3 functionality! It must be possible for the BSPlayer team to do this, 'cause when I manually put the 'time-slider' to any position within a movie and press Play, BSPlayer correctly initializes audio and start playback, so why not do this 'reinit' after each pause/play and forward/reverse !!

Anyway, these are my ideas for now... I still hope there are some people out there that can help me (us) further with this!!
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