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Hmm a filter wont do any good probably.

The main reason why say, VCD, SVCD or DivX and so on, looks better on TV is.

1. Most of the time, the TV is not in your face, like the monitor, and the reduction in quality cant be seen, or you dont notice it that much.

2. The "dot mask" of the TV is not as nice or good as on a computer monitor, and the picture is smoothed out on a TV and your eyes fills in the "gaps" better. On a monitor you can directly see how bad the video is.

3. The DVD quality is verry high compared to DviX, XviD etc but is it that important, I dont feel that since the main reason for watchig something it you want to see the "big picture" or the story of a TV-show, movie etc.

If the picture aint great, so what, remember VHS. It's just a matter of getting used to the quality/format or what you are watching.

P.S. I read this not so long ago, digital cameras not are up to about 5 milon pixels or is it megapixels, dont remember. The human eye has about 125 million pixels , so it's at lest 20-30 times better than the best digital camera out there.

Allso it has allmost a wide angle or 160 degrees "periferal viewing" or whats its called.

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