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Here are some test I made:

A. VIDEO CODECS - Tested using MPEG Layer 3 (VfW) encoder
1. Uncompressed y
2. WMVideo Encoder DMO (DMO)
i. mp43 n 0kB
ii. mp4s n 0kB
iii.WMV1 n 0kB
3. MSScreen encoder DMO (DMO)
i. MSS1 n 0kB
4. WMVideo9 Encoder DMO (DMO)
i. WMV1 n 0kB
ii. WMV2 n 0kB
iii.WMV3 n 0kB
iv. WMVP n 0kB
5. MSScreen 9 encoder DMO (DMO)
i. MSS2 n 0kB
6. DV Video Encoder (DS) y
7. Indeo Video 5.11 Compresion Filter (DS)
i. IV50 (can't be modifyed) y
8. InterVideo Encoder (DS) y can't play (Unknow format YUY2)
9. MJPEG Compressor (DS) y
10. Cinepak Codec by Radius (VfW) y
11. DivX;-)MPEG4 Low-Motion (VfW) y
12. Idem Fast-Motion (VfW) y
13. DivX 5.2.1 (VfW) y
14. Intel 4:2:0 Video V2.50 (VfW) n 0kB
15. Ligos Indeo Video 3.2 (VfW) y
16. Idem 4.5 (VfW) y
17. Idem 5.11 (VfW) y
18. Intel IYUV codec (VfW) y Strange artifacts
19. Microsoft H.261 Video Codec (VfW) n 0kB
20. Idem H.263 Video Codec (VfW) n 0kB
21. Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2 (VfW) y
22. Idem V3 n 0kB
23. Idem V1 y
24. Microsoft RLE (VfW) y strange artifacts
25. Microsoft Video 1. (VfW)
26. Microsoft Windows Media Video 9 (VfW) y
27. XviD MPEG-4 Codec (VfW) y Computer freeze but file is playable
28. Ligos Indeo Video Raw R1.2 (VfW) n okB
29. 3ivx y

B. Audio Codecs - Tested using DivX 5.2.1 Codec
1. Wm Speech Encoder (DMO) y
2. WMAudio Encoder (DMO) y
3. 3ivx D4 Audio Encoder (VfW) y error on opening "unknown format DX5"
4. InterVideoAudio Encoder (DS) n
i. Stopped after 236 kB using LPCM
ii. Stopped after 390 kB,using MPEG1 Layer 1 BSPlayer crashed ModName:nt.dll
iii. ok, using MPEG1 Layer II, but crashed BSPlayer at closing
error in (Tuner Crossbar)
iv. using PCM ok
5. IAC2 (VfW) n 0kB
6. Voxware v 1.1.8 Bitstream-Mono n 0kB
7. Voxware MetaVoice (VfW) n 0kB
8. Voxware MetaSound (VfW) n 0kB
9. IMA ADPCM (VfW) y
10. PCM (VfW) y
11.Microsoft ADPCM (VfW) y (VfW) n 0kB
13.DSP Group TrueSpeech (VfW) y
14.Windows Media Audio V1 (VfW) n 0kB
15.Windows Media Audio V2 (VfW) y
16.GSM 6.10 (VfW) y
17.Microsoft G 723.1 (VfW) n no sound
18.CCITT A-Law (VfW) y
19.CCITT u-Law (VfW) y
20.MPEG Layer3 y
21.Voxware v1.1.6/1.1.8 File-Mode COdec n

Y at the end of line mean YES
N mean it didn't work and there are 2 simptoms:
1. It did not created a file (0kB)and
2. No sound on file

Did not get acces to VP6 codec (video and audio) and Lame (audio). Other video editing tools can acces Lame. VP6 seem to not work any more.
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