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Default AC3 once again...


I wonder how I should configure my bsplayer properly in order to hear proper AC3 sound? I've got SB Live! with 4 speakers & subwoofer connected to it. In BSPlayer Preferences I set AC3 decoder as "Intervideo Audio decoder" and then output device as "Default WaveOut Device". Then in "Intervideo AC3" section I set "4 speakers" option - so everything should work fine (of course I have registered proper AC3 filters). But what bothers me is that when I open AC3 movie and then go to pop-up menu, select Properties-> Intervideo Audio Decoder there is only "2 speakers, DolbyDigital" option available, not "4 speakers" !! Is it correct? Do I really hear DolbyDigital 4 speaker sound or is it only simple stereo what I here...? Plz dispel my doubts....
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