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how I read my preview message and I tell you a mistake :oops: it's not VB5 but Visual C++ (yep I learn this language but VB no) so the source file appears me like a big kestion.
Well I will describe you what I understand of your sources.
The nsi I know it's to make the installer .exe , this is not a problem .
The problem is the 6 others files that (I hope to have VB6 soon) I don't understand what kind of thing they do or their utility.
I understand that to have video files listening in an application that don't basically support autoplayv2 you should create an registry entry in the event handlers to link to the describe on what this do in the handlers.
In the handlers you write the description of the application and a link in HKCR to find what application start and the InvokeVerb that allow start.
After read the msdn description of the mechanism of autoplayv2 I understand that this give a sort of list with the description of what you find on a cd (in our exemple only video files), so this list is given to the application bsplayrun that proceed to create a BSPlayer file list and execute the command like "$INSTDIR\bplay.exe tmplist.bsl" with the option "-fs" or not to have fullscreen, I've notice that your software select only extension that were in the ini file.
So I learn your source code at this time to know what is the construction and learn how VB works (erf it's hard :-| ).
But There is some things that I don't understant like how you know what autoplay give to the soft (because it is a different method discribe in the msdn sample and c++). After that I think in any language the soft have just to read this thing, arrange this by extensions specified returned a formated bsl playlist compatible with the player and so execute a command like I describe up.
Correct my mistake and explain me really bacose I'm very interested in developp a kind of soft like these to play the files on cd automatically under windows xp.
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