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- When capturing if the STOP button is pressed, the recoding process ends, the frames count stops, the final file size is shown... but the seconds' counter in the Capture settings window still counts, and the "End capture" button says "End capure" instead of "Start capture" (this is maybe a feature, since if you then press the PLAY button, the capture process starts again... Strange......)
Maybe it would be better if implemented like adicoto requested: Play button starts recording (but NOT only after the capture is stopped).

BTW very nice the ability to pause the capture process with the PAUSE button and the possibility to resume pressing on it (or on PLAY) again!!! Great espetially fot the commercials/unwanted-scenes to be removed on the fly! The problem is that while the process is paused, there are no ways to view what it's appening on the paused channel, since the screen shows last image before pausing...
In the other hand it is a nice feature the ability to "pause" the image, but maybe only when not recording...

IMHO it should work like this:
PAUSE button -> Pause/Resume playback (images frozen)
PLAY button -> Start capture (if not paused)
-> Resume playback (if paused)
STOP button -> NOP (or same as PAUSE)

PAUSE button -> Pause/Resume recording process (images still on flowing)
PLAY button -> Resume recording process (if paused)
STOP button -> Stop recording process
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