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Default Command line switches and BSI/INI files mutually exclusive?

Hi all,

I find that if I load a movie via a .ini file, any switches I specify in the command line are ignored.

Setup is as follows: I have an extremely complicated movie with 7 subtitles and 3 audio streams and would like to make a standalone CD using as few .ini files as possible!

I launch the movie using the command line
bsplayer.exe (ini file).ini -ac(stream #)

For example, bsplayer.exe FR.ini -ac2 should launch a movie with french subtitles and an english soundtrack (audio stream 2 corresponding to english).
I have 7 INI files differing ONLY in their "DefaultSub=" line

However, starting BSPlayer like this will ALWAYS start the first audio stream (hence it ignores the -ac2 switch!)

Of course, I am NOT defining Audio= in the EN.ini file (thinking BSPlayer would load the audio stream from the command line switch).

Am I making myself understandable here? :roll:

If I can't "mix'n'match" INI files and command line switches, I would have to write 21 ini files (!) for this movie to cover all possible situations...
I know I can just switch subtitles/audio within BSplayer once the movie is playing,
but I would like to make a "DVD-like" autolauncher with a subtitles menu and a audio menu...

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