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Default Can I make a standalone CD with a Matroska file?

I have this movie in a Matroska (.mkv) package. The video is encoded as Real media and the audio as Ogg Vorbis.
Question: Can I make a stand-alone CD with this movie (meaning, so that it would run on a PC with no codecs installed)?

From different sources, I gathered so far that I will need the following files:

in [root]:

in /filters:

My bspfilters.dat reads:

[BSPlayer filter def file]

AddFilter {149D2E01-C32E-4939-80F6-C07B81015A7A},Matroska Filter
AddFilter,{149D2E01-C32E-4939-80F6-C07B81015A7A},Matroska Splitter
AddFilter, {238D0F23-5DC9-45A6-9BE2-666160C324DD}, RealMedia Splitter
AddFilter, {0835DC4B-AA01-48C3-A42D-FD62C530A3E1},CoreVorbis Audio Decoder
AddFilter OggDS.dll,{02391F44-2767-4E6A-A484-9B47B506F3A4},Vorbis Decoder

????={238D0F23-5DC9-45A6-9BE2-666160C324DD}, RealMedia Splitter

????={0835DC4B-AA01-48C3-A42D-FD62C530A3E1},CoreVorbis Audio Decoder

I assume that I need to add lines in the [Video] and [Audio] sections, but what are the FilterGUID for and

I got the RealMedia Splitter from RealAlternative 1.28 (no way am I going to infect my computer with that @#%&+!! RealOne player).
I read somewhere that RealAlternative only provides "DirectShow" filters but I'm not sure what that means...
also, analyzing my movie with GSpot only gives "MS" options for decoding, not "GSpot" (whatever that means)

Thanks for an enlightening reply! I don't understand that much about the different codecs, I am more like guessing what to do.
so please don't laugh too hard at me if I'm making a complete ass of myself here, ok?
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