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Default Same here

I have the same problem...

I had an older version of Bsplayer and just recently i have noticed if i opened a folder, then opened a file in Bsplayer view it then close, the top bar of the folder would dissapear (the one with the folder name/minimize/maximize/close)

With that, i uninstalled and installed the latest version, now i get the error;

Access violation at address 004BEE97 in module 'bsplayer.exe' Read of address 00000028

Bsplayer stops working until system is restarted.
I am running Windows Xp Pro (Sp2)
I have removed all codecs (was using Cole2k Media pack)
Machine has'nt changed for about a week.. was working ok last night as normal...
I am using Standard XP skin.

Im currently investigating, if i come up with anything that is of help ill post...


Hope my findings help, ive fixed it for me..

Having installed and ran Bsplayer (release bsplayer100.817.exe)
Program ran ok but errors with the following as previously stated when closed:

Access violation at address 004BEE97 in module 'bsplayer.exe' Read of address 00000028

bsplayer.exe is reported as access denied by windows, not allowing it to be uninstalled (tried to manually delete the remaining file).

I ran it again, then used taskmanager to end the task, this seemed to clear the access issue.

Then i moved on to uninstall the product. after uninstall i removed the folders under Program files/webteh/

Next i ran a reg file i found that removes any leftover registry settings;
using this file (thank to who originally posted);

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


From here i installed my last downloaded version, bsplayer100.810.exe

Once this was installed i noted that the problem with the top status bar returned so if i open a folder, then open bsplayer, then close it, the next window down be it a folder/internet explorer etc loses it's minimize/maximize/close bar.

From here uninstalled, cleared registry...

Went back to bsplayer100.810.exe
Installed, and seems to work. No errors or strange missing top bars.

I hope this helps somehow.. Im happy now that im back up and running, if i can provide any other details, just ask...
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