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Default BSPlayer as a replacement

I have 2 problems.

My original intent a couple days ago was to get liteweight, unbloated, reliable surrogate for Real, Quicktime & WMP9.

BSPlayer is ideal, & I suspect I will still use it even if I ca't solve this dilemma.

I didn't initially realize that BSPlayer could also play Quicktime, so I installed BSPlayer with the k-lite mega pack 1.32 in custom mode, but I excluded the Real & Quicktime Alternatives. since later versions of each are now available, which I subseuqently installed.

I figured out how to basically get it to perform the way I wanted.

I was pleasantly surprised to now be able to stream video with BSPlayer on sites that required WMP9, because several other solutions for this I previously tried, before discovering BSPlayer, that were supposed to work, did not.

Then I remembered I still had WMP 7.1, so I uninstalled it.

Problem #1

Now, even though .wmv is definitely associated with BSPlayer, when I try to open a .wmv, I get a "Can't Open File" error.

The only way I can get it to work is to reinstall WMP 7.1.

My first uneducated guess was that the uninstall of WMP 7.1 removed necessary codecs, but BSPlayer is supposed to play .wmv on it's own, right?

Futhermore, I could never stream on sites that required WMP9 with only 7.1, but combined with BSPlayer, now I could. So wpoulldn'y that negate the codec issue?

I uninstalled all the k-lite stuff including BSPlayer & the reinstalled, hoping hoping to replace anything vital that might have been left incomplete by the WMP 7.1 unstall, but no help.

I had a similar problem trying to make Media Player Classic a suitable replacement for WMP, using the k-lite stuff.

When that didn't work, I also tried installing the Codec Installation Package for Windows Media Player 6.4, but again I couldn't get it to work without WMP 7.1 installed, but I still was not able to stream video on sites that required WMP9.

Problem #2

Thinking I no longer needed Quicktime Alternative, I uninstalled it.

First, bsplayer played my test .mov with no audio.

Then after a few tries, although clicking on my .mov test file opened BSPlayer, I got the same "Can't Open File" error, just as with the .wmv file.

I reinstalled Quicktime Alternative, & bsplayer again works for .mov.

Sometimes I when try to open a .mov, I still get the file error, but if I drag the file to the BSPlayer GUI, it plays as it should.

There also seems to be a bug with "Autoplay". Sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't.

I don't know if it has any relevance whatsoever, but my main Firefox folder is on my H:\ partition.



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