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Thanks for the reply, I was on my way here (virtually, that is) when the email arrived saying there had been a response, which as it turns out is a relevant one. I have just spent a couple hours poring over and have come up with an assortment that allows the playing of AVIs and WMVs, but MPGs are still a no-no despite AVIcodec reporting 'Supported' when I load an Mpg into it, so I'll check out the link you suggest.

While I'm here, perhaps you can suggest a site or source (which might be a book) where one can find out the guts of this business? It all seems very 'dark art' and on my travels around the various sites there's a lot said but liitle info to find. I'm new to this (media playing) but not new to computing, I would like to read some tech-level stuff ie what exactly is a codec (the best definition I've found so far is a 'Codec is a compressor/decompressor' - so I know I'm in a plane (if you know the old joke) but not much more. What is a 'filter', a 'splitter' & so on & how do they all fit together- Any pointers to some erudite info would be apprecited - Googling doesn't seem to yield much of a serious nature, not so far anyway. I have the Freebie version of WinAmp installed also (no douby you're spitting at this point!) but despite my success in getting BSPlayer to play AVIs and WMVs WinAmp won't open AVIs and plays WMVs with sopund but no vision... (now you're laughing I guess) - I prefer BSPlayer (well I would say that here wouldn't I !?!) but it adds to the dark art-ness... when is a codec not a codec, when it's a different player - ?? as far as I know the codecs I have installed are in no way 'BSPlayer specific' but nonetheless it works with them for AVIs and WinAmp doesn't - I'd like (eventually) to know why this is .
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