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No xlv600, you didn't understand me.

I know how to make work multi-CD change. You insert the first CD, you watch the movie and at the end it asks you for the second movie, you insert the second CD and automatically it starts.

I also know with ONE CD how to make chapters with images. It works fine. I press CTRL-V and I got my images.

Now my problem is that I can't succeed to merge the 2 solutions describe above. In others word when I try to implement chapters and images (even chapters alone doesn't work) WITH multi-CD change, it doesn't work at all. What happens is when the second movie starts, when I press CTRL+V and click an image (or by selecting under chapters section), it loads chapters from the first CD!!!!

The only way I've found until now is:

1) disable the chapter and images and I got a multi-CD change working fine.

2) I keep chapters and images but I disabled the multi-CD change. So people has to close BSPlayer at the end of the first CD, insert the second (there is an autolaunchand) select what they want (Original version, subtitles, etc...)

I'm still working or looking on a way to get both working fine together.
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