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Default CPU utilization too high during HDTV playback

I used clip Soul Plane.ts (Dl there: ) (1920 x 1080 i, mpeg2, 29.970fps, 17MBi/sec) and measured:

PowerDVD 6 - max 36% of CPU time, typical usage between 20 - 27%.

BSplayer - max 88% of CPU time, typical usage between 70 - 80%.

The problem/question/request?

Problem? Yea. BSplayer is using the PowerDVD filters, so it should be same fast as PowerDVD, right?

Question? Yea. Where the CPU power eating stuff come from? Well, I tried every the video rendering methods BSplayer currently offers, but yet no change on the high CPU utilization.

Request? Yea. Can someone explain me, what is going on (probably some color-space conversion or such?) AND recommend the right overlay settings? Or could BST add support for the DXVA output, so the PowerDVD filters run at it's best, or something like this? :roll: :?: :?: :?:
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