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Default Network Buffer Causes jerky & looping Playbackl

BSPlayer v1.36(bld 825) 5 Sep 2005
When the network buffer is enabled And you set the position slider a big step further into the video, playback starts to act funny. Freezes that last over a second. Frame repeats/loops. Garbled chirps,clikcks and hisses and stuff in the audio and when I monitor the buffer status I see it go from 99% to -1 and back everytime one of these playback errors occur. Also I have set the buffer to various sizes(including bigger then the actual filesize) and even the prebuffer value to 100% but playback of the file starts almost immidiately and when monitoring network activity I only see a few spikes and not the nescessary prolonged data stream needed to fil the entire buffer. And I also see a spike each time the playback stutters or loops. When checking the taskmanager I noticed the memory usage reported always stays at around 10MB even with buffer size set to 256MB or higher so my guess is that BSPlayer allocates a very small buffer instead of one of the size specified. Oddly enoujgh playback seems to be wroking ok if you let it stream from the beginning of the file without jumping or pausing However the memory usage reported then also is only around 10MB (and 24.024KB Total VMem usage).

(PS: Using FFDSHOW 27-oct-2005 msvc for decoding. Files are DivX 5 avi's with MP2 or MP3 audio. Playing on AMD Athlon XP 2400+(Thoroughbred B with 1GB PC133 Memory on an Asus A7V VIA KT133 Mainboard, SoundBlaster Live Value Audio and Geforce 2MX video)
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