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Hi PhoenixNL72. Wow, thumbs up for that :D I went into BSPlayer and found that option, ticked it and restarted BSPlayer with a video file. A simple click on the 'next' button on the skin I'm using (KISS 1.0), and viola! the next file in the directory played! Yay! :D I would have thought that there would have been some performance issues with adding all files to the playlist automatically, but there doesn't seem to be on a folder with a small number of files - I will test it out on one of mine that has a few hundred and see what happens. Also, I was a bit surprised that it worked - I never have the playlist open because I don't ever use it. But, it doesn't matter whether you have the playlist open or not using your little trick - the files play when you click on the next/previous buttons. Thanks again! Now, just have to work out two things: first is if I can assign the next key to mousewheel down, and previous to mousewheel up (I'm so used to having mousewheel do this on another couple of programs I use, that having to click on a button on the skin to do it seems so wrong!). Second, when you add all files to the playlist, when the playback on one is finished, BSPlayer automatically goes and plays the next in the playlist and so on. I want BSPlayer to simply stop when it has played the file it is playing. I'm hoping there is an option in BSPlayer preferences to do this.

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