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Ok, thought I would post my findings:

-There is a big performance hit on having the 'always add all files in current directory to playlist' option on, when you try and play a video from a directory that has a lot of video's in it (I tested on a directory that had 1221 in it, and the delay upon startup - ie before BSPlayer played the file that I had double clicked on - was significant). Damnit! :(
-There was no problem in assigning the next and previous buttons to mousewheel down and mousewheel up :D
-There is seemingly no way to stop BSPlayer from playing the next file in the playlist when it finishes playing the file it is currently on. Damn - this makes that 'add all files to playlist' option much less attractive for me :(

So, a bit of a mixed bag. Yes, I get my cherished mousewheel up/mousewheel down next/previous file in directory function. But...I get a big performance hit on playing the first file in the directory (all my directories have a lot of video's in them - that's how I organise my media collection). And, I can't stop BSPlayer from playing the next file after it finishes the one it is on. So, I still think a play next/play previous function independant of the playlist is a good idea. The playlist idea was a neat trick, but it comes with too much baggage to be totally useful :(

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