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Default same here

I have the exact same problem but I have only experienced it in .srt subtitles (by loading them through bsplayer). The format is

00:01:37,344 --> 00:01:38,971
Is someone there?

00:01:44,684 --> 00:01:46,652
Oh, shit. I'm probably dead.

I used the same build on my old pc with default settings and no problem. I tried to update to latest version and the problem was still there. The weird thing was that the subs were appearing when I moved the mouse and immediately disappeared when it stopped. Then I came up with this, the subtitles file wasn't the same name as the movie. When I changed it to the movie's filename, additional subtitles appeared, and although they didn't disappear, they were offscreen and not edible with the subtitle properties. They also couldn't be removed. The original subtitles were still there but instead of disappearing this time, they were continually blinking. Alike the first case, they were responding with the mouse in a somewhat similar way. This time, when the mouse was visible on the movie, they were there blinking, and when the mouse disappeared, they also disappeared permanently (all this in fullscreen mode). When not in fullscreen, having the mouse always visible had the subs visible blinking. If this is a bsplayer bug and not some kind of conflict with all those asus's 7800gtx video rendering options turned on, it seems like the subs and mouse are drawed on the same surface which is not right. I hope this is enough information and not been posted before, I didn't manage to fix it through the preferences so I would appreciate any guidelines.
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