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Hey, stop flaming. It was a shitty day yesterday.
Took this
Now, since Windows XP and XP SP1 only use static refresh rate values instead of the "Optimal" setting in "Display Properties," every time you switch resolutions in XP, you have to manually change your refresh rate setting to the highest available in order to get the best display quality possible on the Windows desktop. Plus, XP will only remember your previous refresh rate when switching resolutions, and it won't permanently remember your refresh rate settings you have set in "Display Properties" when you change your resolutions various times. So for example, if you are running at 1024x768 with a refresh rate of 100 Hz, and you change your resolution to 1600x1200 to quickly view a large photo, and your computer can only handle 60 Hz, XP will adjust your refresh rate setting to 60 Hz accordingly. But when you switch back to 1204x768, will it go back to the 100 Hz setting you had before? Nope, it will still leave your refresh rate setting at 60 Hz because that's the last setting that was used, and that's all that XP can remember.
from here:
So, sounds to me as if bsplayer is merely telling XP to switch back to desktop, and according to the above... XP will keep the 60 Hz.
If you investigate further into the article (2nd paragraph) you'll find something about DirectX gaming, where the situation is slightly different, although I don't know why because bsplayer is using DirectX as well.
Satisfied, Shaun?
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