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Default ...this is bullshit...

First at all, the jerking we see into, for example, starting openings of Austin Powers: The Goldmember (the very beginning, with "smoothly" running aroung a mountain with the "somewhere in utah" landscape text) its simply problem, that 24fps is not enought for recording nonjerking movies and the movie jerks into cinema too (!).

So, its definitively not a problem of my 100Hz resolution, witch obivously do not match the 23.976 fps speed.

One can see jerking into ever cinema around, into every movie, where is any attempt to do smooth scrolling of anything on screen... It never-ever go smooth. NEVER EVER, remember that¨.

The autor of ReClock is right into one case - the framerate of movie and refreshrate of monitor SHOULD be in match or full multiply (witch is not as good, as exact match, because it means that the frame will be displayed TWICE on screen, what cause "ghosting" of smoothly scrolled things - anyone with Amiga and PicassoIV gfx card can show you that very well, what this cause - because you get instead of smooth scrolling quite ghosted games, very ugly, anyway... and not synchronized, another problem...)

But is enought to disable VBlank synchronization and no jerkings acur at all. The fact is, that when the refreshrate are more that twice the framerate of movie, the player will find time to put the image there.

Accelerating the 23.976fps movies (most DVD rips) to 25fps is INSANE in first place.

OTOH, some movies are just very badly converted back to 23.976fps from the DVD orginal az 29.970fps - so - there is strange jerking. Creators of that rips should be blames and acceleration is not a solution. Definitively not.
Its like argument that you save time, when you play your music 2x faster. Yea, do it...
Sounds great, is not it? :lol: :?
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