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Default BSPlayer - Error Message then Physical Restart required

Hi all, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction to fix this problem.

Description of the problem: This issue appeared two weeks ago prior to that the player was working perfectly - When opening any file whatsoever, the file will play and can be paused, ffwd'ed and controlled normally. The issue is when closing BSPlayer. When closed an error message is shown (See below for text of error message). Once the error message is accepted by pressing any of the three buttons (close, report bug and more information I think) the computer then freezes me out. The computer is still running fine but I cant open any files, task manager, programs - nothing. I know its working fine because i left it for 30 - 40 mins the first time it happened and a torrent that was downloading at the time completed in that 30 - 40 mins (I have an audio alarm when a torrent is completed). The only way to get the computer working properly is to turn off and on the power switch.

While I was experimenting with the issue I tried 20+ different files all have the same result. In fact if you just open BSPlayer by itself (i.e. through the start menu) and dont touch a thing but the close button in the top right hand corner the error still occurs.

Also all of the files tried in the paragraph above worked ok on Microsoft Media Player.

The version I was using was an older one - BSPlayer Version 1.31 Build b819. Just before you say this is my problem, i completely removed/uninstalled that version and downloaded version 1.37 Build 826 yesterday. I retried all of the tests above and every single one had the exact same problem.

Details about my PC: IntelP4 3Gz, Radeon 9800 Pro VidCard, 1Gb of RAM Only codec i have installed was Dvix nothing more (never needed anything else).

Error Message:
BSplayer v1.37.826, Unhandled exception at EIP: 004C4F6F
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
If you have internet connection, it's recommended to send error report, this will help us solve problems faster.
Access violation at address 004C4F6F in module 'bsplayer.exe'. Read of address 00000028
Call stack: 00000000,004C4F6F,0040367F,004C3C06,004C3324,00437 6ED,0044FB0A,004C95F8,00439D0F,00439D7A,0044FB0A,0 04C95F8,0043649C,0044F3B7,004376ED,0044FB0A,004C95 F8,0044CD28,004CA388,0044CD28,004556EF,005710F3

Please help, If you need any more information please leave a message and i will respond asap.


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