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Default Slight Seek Problem!

Hi Guys! First off I want to say how great of media player BS Player is! Super Great software! Now here's my slight problem. I really don't think this is a problem with the player itself, but here goes: Recently I have noticed my XVID videos were having a momentary pause when I used the seek bar to move foward in the movie. When I moved the seek bar ahead to the middle of the movie, I have been getting a noticable "Pause" before my movie resumes again. I did some checking and found out it was just my clips that have AC3 audio. I have reaaly never noticed this small glitch before when using the seek bar. Now one more thing to add to the equation, I recently intalled the AC3 Decompresser a few days ago, and that is when I started noticing the problem with the seek delays. I don't know if I need to tweak my filter priority, install/uninstall, or what. It isn't really that big of deal, I can deal with the slight pause, but it would be nice to get a fix on what is causing this. I am using the 1.36 version of the player. Also I switched skins a couple of days ago,(I have been using the same skin for a year), so I don't know if this might be the culprit that is causing this. Anyway, any advice or tips would be appreciated! Thanks!!
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